All-in-one platform for competitive exams
iCompete is a distinctive PLATFORM brought forth by Test Higher for all competitive exams.
It provides a dedicated approach to score well in all competitive exams for the students of entire nation by accessing high quality content provided by leading institutes.
Free App
Access the app free of cost in major Smartphone platforms including Android, iOS and Windows 8 Mobile platforms.
Analytics to evaluate subject preparation using performance graphs.
Effective Content
Test/mock test/test series are strictly prepared based on syllabus on a targeted competitive exam, approved by organizing authority and provided by reputed institutes.
Custom Test
Create custom test based on the topics which need improvement and as per speed and capability of the student.
Offline Mode
Accessibility of the entire platform in offline mode ensures for flexible preparation of exams/test/test series.
Test Results and Solution
After the completion of test, get immediate evaluation and review of each question with appropriate solution.
Credit Points Purchase
Parents can purchase credit points in bulk and assign to their children.
Help Child in Preparation
This is a great tool for parents where they have xperience on subject/competition but do not have many options, now parents can analyze test and packages suitable for their children and help them to become more topic oriented.
Check Progress
Parents can access their child's performance data anytime from their Tab or from their child's tab to know the daily/monthly progress.
Plan in Advance
Parents can see competitive options available for their child from 2nd Grade onwards and can direct them for the best.
Get Message
Children can send messages to their parents about their likings and parents will get email / push notifications with the link of test details.