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About i-genius young singing stars

Music is an integral part of not only our culture but also our day to day lives. Your little one has been surrounded with music from the time he was born. The lullabies that you sung to him were his initiation into the world of music. The beauty of music is such that it brings joy to the singers as well as the people around them.

Children have different ways of not only adapting but also expressing music. From enjoying the morning rituals to remembering math tables to breaking good news to having fun with friends, the children find their owns ways of making music integral to their daily lives.

In the last decade we have seen extraordinary brilliance in young children in this field and we believe that through guidance and support such talented young ones can be identified and encouraged and set upon a path that could change their lives. We know as a parent, nothing makes you more proud than your child's success and happiness. Your child could already be a singing star and you may not even know it! With the intent to nurture and reward the singing talent of young children, we launched Max Life Insurance i-genius Young Singing Stars in 2014 for little stars that have begun their musical career.

i-genius Young Singing Stars Season II - your little singer can be a big star tomorrow?

The i-genius Young Singing Stars is part of Max Life Insurance i-genius programme of nurturing young talent in deserving children and bringing them closer to their dreams. i-genius Young Singing Stars celebrates, recognizes and rewards young singing talent in the country.

With two young singing stars already shining bright, it is time to let your child walk the red carpet with i-genius Young Singing Stars Season II! Mentored by Bollywood’s celebrated composer Salim Merchant, and YouTube singing sensation Shraddha Sharma - i-genius Young Singing Stars Season I winners, Shivam Ahuja & Shraddha Shree have cut their first music album with Universal Music India. Their talent is such that their mentors are now their biggest fans! The runners up have also begun their musical journey with each of them recording a single with Universal Music India.

Tasting success in the 1st season with over 1L registrations, 30k+ submission, 2 winners and 8 runners up, i-genius Young Singing Stars Season II comes back with better offering for your young one! Not only will we reward talented singers in Junior and Senior category, we have also introduced a new category i-genius Primary (ages 4-7) as talent truly knows no boundaries.

Does your child have the talent to impress the big stars? Give him the opportunity of a lifetime to join the star studded galaxy of i-genius Young Singing Stars!

Season II at a glance
  • India’s leading singer and composer Salim Merchant
  • YouTube singing sensation Shraddha Sharma
Music Partner:
  • Universal Music India
  • Primary (4-7 years)
  • Junior (8-11 years) and
  • Senior (12-15 years) 

Top Prize:

  • Music album contract with Universal Music India for top winner in Senior & Junior category each
  • Feature in a music video with Universal Music India for top  5 singers in Primary category

Runners up Prize:

  • Single song contract with Universal Music India for 4 runners-up in Senior & Junior category each

Consolation Prize:

  • 250 each for Senior & Junior category
  • 100 for Primary category
Guidelines for song submission

The song submission ("Song Submission") in Hindi language only. The parents / guardians of the Participant should ensure that the Song Submission is:

  1. Not accompanied by any background music. It has to be singing submission only;
  2. Is not more than 1 minute;
  3. Is not defamatory in its content;
  4. Does not contain any obscene, blasphemous, libelous or any other unlawful material;
  5. Only from a valid mobile number (song submission from landline numbers will not be accepted).