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Every child has unique gifts and talents and helping your child reach their highest potential is the best investment you can make for your child's future.

About igenius Talent Explorer

A child's personality and aptitude are not just about one or two traits, but a unique interplay of various dominant traits or intelligences. Each child learns differently and these traits can be considered as various learning styles. Finding the ones that are most suited for a child, help the child learn faster and easier.

With this objective in mind, Max Life Insurance in association with Career Launcher has developed igenius Talent Explorer, a scientific blend of psychometric tests comprising questions that help bring out the inherent skills and personality traits of your child and that would help determine 3 most probable careers that your child may opt for in future.

Who can use igenius Talent Explorer?

The test is designed to be taken by parents because we believe that parents are in position to make valid observation regarding their children and that parents play a key role in shaping a child's career. The answers to these questions provide you insights into your child's inherent abilities and personality. You can use these insights to help your children achieve their highest potential.

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