Will my child follow my foot steps ?
Both my child and I love to spend our leisure time doing similar things – reading, watching TV, playing a sport etc.
My child’s favorite subjects in school are the ones that I enjoyed studying most, too.
Like me, my child makes friends easily/takes a little time to open up.
Both my child and I like following a routine/ doing things differently.
Like me, my child is better with words than with numbers/numbers than with words
Like me, my child is generally neat and organized/ messy and chaotic
My child shares my tendency to plan everything in advance/ act impulsively.
Both my child and I child are open and expressive about our feelings/ tend to keep things to ourselves.
Like me, my child likes to follow step by step instructions/ figure out things himself/herself.
Both my child and I quickly arrive on a decision/ take some time to make up our minds.
Both my child and I are persistent and like to continue trying till we succeed/ give up easily.