Top 5 Hottest Career Sectors

Pharmaceutical Sector:

Dealing with relatively inelastic goods, untapped markets and rising consumer awareness, this 36,000 crore industry is geared for nothing but superior grow in the coming future. Indian Pharma has already witnessed the rise of some world class players, such as Ranbaxy, CIPLA and DRL, and the progress in this segment is only expected to rise.

Automation Sector:

The past financial year saw the Indian Automation industry grow at a very healthy rate. Even though this segment registered an impact during the economic slowdown, it jumped right back by refusing downward revisions of the previous production plans. Thus, this industry remains a lucrative opportunity for job seekers.

Power Sector:

A rising manufacturing sector runs up healthy demand for its power sector. The growth that power sector registered last year is expected to accelerate, with the N-deal between India and USA adding to the demand for experts and skilled labor for setting up and operating nuclear power plants.

Organized Retail Sector:

This sector’s multiple reasons for growth involve, among others - its nascent stage, increasing per capita purchasing power and rapid urbanization. It bravely weathered the economic meltdown and still maintained a promising growth rate, which points to its future potential.

Information Technology Sector:

The IT industry, which has always been a hot favorite among employees, enjoys demand from across all other sectors. This universal demand helped it through the financial turmoil. Up and coming industries are increasingly looking towards the IT sector for solutions to enhance their efficiency.