Tips for broadening your child's horizon about professions

Most parents do not wonder about ways to help their children settle on careers stream until they are well in their teens. While there are more urgent priorities before this point in time such as school work, friends, sports, etc, and rightly so, it would not hurt to add career choices to the mix.
There is, of course, no hurry for a pre-teen to choose a career field, but it is better to widen their horizon about available career fields early on. For several years, kids are exposed mostly only to a handful of traditionally respected career fields such as doctor, defense, engineer, astronaut, etc. It is helpful to bring them awareness about other occupations and not narrow down their focus too soon.

Ways of helping your child explore career options

Being neutral

The eyes of little children hold a brilliant wonder and innocence with which they view everything around them. Later in life, it would be imperative for them to develop critical thinking in order to arrive at correct decisions, but at the moment, but at this stage they should remain free to explore various options without being encumbered by opinions and views of others. So it is important for you to no discourage your child from exploring any careers, even if you do no personally approve.

Helping him/her meet people in various professions

In order to help him/her explore, you need to tap into your connections with relatives and friends who are in varied fields and request them to meet with your child for them purpose of helping him/her explore their career.

Reading and passing on knowledge

Information on a lot of career fields may remain inaccessible to your child if you rely solely on your connections, and for these you must look to books, which you need to read first and then pass on the knowledge to your child. There are plenty of fun, educational books that introduce children to various professions. Make sure to present your child with these.

Arranging for job shadowing

A great way of keep things interesting for your child, is to arrange job shadowing sessions for him/her, wherein your child may follow someone trust while they are at work. Such sort of first-hand experience with do wonders for your child’s interest in exploring the option.

Collaborate with other parents

Joining hands with parents of other young kids can be very helpful in you endeavor. One way to utilize such an association is to organize meetings with the purpose of discussions various professions, and each one in the meeting may discuss with the children about professions they are knowledgeable about. Of course you can come up with several other ways of utilizing such a group.