Take your kids for fun ‘educational days out’!

Vacation from school can be an ideal time for some fun learning for your kids - through educational days out!

The first step is to listen to your child. There will be subjects and activities that he/she may have liked the most at school. Add to their excitement over the subject by showing your enthusiasm and interest and ask them whether they would like to find out more about the subject.

Then find a place that offers opportunities for them to further explore the subject. Even if the learning would be more than they can entirely absorb in a single trip, the important thing is to keep them engaged, interested and their imagination fired up. Once there is sufficient interest, the learning will follow on its own.

One way of getting your kids extra excited about the days out is to 'theme' the school holidays. This will help narrow down the options of what to do and keep them focused on specific interests so their attention doesn't swim away.

You can use the internet or books to give you ideas on where to go on these theme day outs and what activities to engage in. Use resources to sharpen your own understanding about the theme topics as well, so you are well versed enough to provide them with interesting information.

Throughout the day out, make little record of what activities your kids indulged in. They will retain a lot more information if you go over this record with them, or even ask them to recount activities of the day.

All sorts of other activities can be tied in to enhance the experience for your child. For example. you may take pictures with him/her to go over the day after, or you may hand out activity sheets for them to tick out the fun stuff they do, and to keep them excited about what's to come. Get creative with this one. Through in enough activities to keep the mix interesting.

The right sort of day out can provide you with endless ideas for education activities for the following days.

And most importantly - have fun!