Helping young ones choose their future career fields

An entry into just a handful of career options such as - Medical, Engineering or Civil Services was for far too long considered a prerequisite to success in our society. Those not suited for these fields were made to feel inferior regardless of their merits in other fields. But today, there are over 3000 career options available and considered worthy of pursuit, as the prerequisite for success is moving away from one's ability to live up to societal expectations, and more towards the passion and talent one exhibits in their career field of choosing.
Following are a few important pointers to consider while helping your child towards her future success.

Sincerely evaluate her strengths and weaknesses

By the time a child reaches the third standard, her parents have an understanding of her fortes and areas of challenge. Various subjects suit various kids, which should ideally be the case, as society will not only need mathematicians or engineers, but also linguists, historians, artists, sports stars and so on. Observe which are the fields where your child's talents and interests meet, then encourage your child by involving her in activities related to that subject.

Encourage her with her hobbies

One of the great things of there being a large plethora of career options out there, is that nearly any hobby can be tuned into a remuneration generating activity - be it cooking, singing, collecting stamps and coins, gardening and so on. This makes it sound judgment to encourage your child to whole heartedly pursue their hobbies. It is important to select a career filed that offers work satisfaction to a person, besides monetary incentive. Working only for money when does not love their job leads one to eventually leads to resentment. A career that allows your child to pursue their hobby would be ideal. But for your child to reap the benefit of being in such a career, you must first nurture her love for her hobbies.

Inspire her to pursue her aspirations

One must never lose passion in their life. Encourage your child to have grand dreams and aspirations, and make her believe in her ability to achieve her goals. The passion for a dream can bring a person to summon great strength and talent from within themselves to fulfill their ambitions. Even when one's talents seem slightly more inclined towards some other field, determination and faith can still help them acquire the necessary tools to succeed in the field of their passion.

Role of family background

Often, children take up career fields that their parents are into, or fields that are closely associated with those. This is because the environment that a child grows up in plays a large part in determining her future career choice. This is because the career fields that family members are pursuing are the ones for which a child would most easily receive guidance, besides, her desire to follow in the foot-steps of her very first role models.

Practical assessment of future

It is necessary to consider the finer details of fields that you may be assessing based on your child's interests, in order to be well prepared for the demands of the field. Some career options require one to have started considerably early, such as a number of sports. Others may require expensive studies or starting capital, which, depending on the family's financial backing, may or may not be readily available. Yet others may possibly be subjected to future trends or for which there is an uncertain forecast in terms of stability. There are ways to work around hindrances, but a clear consideration of the nitty-gritty of that field is essential pragmatism.

Career counseling

It is not always easy to determine your child's interests and talents. And even when you do have sufficient knowledge of her interests and talents, you may not be well versed with the vast number of career options out there that would be suited to her. This is where career counselors come in. Timely professional insight can help determine early on the career choices that would provide your child the most satisfaction. Early knowledge gives your child the edge to compete, and that too with ease.