Grooming kid to be college ready

It is surprising how youngsters are suddenly goaded into a mad race against time and competition, toward top colleges when they reach high school, but are left entirely unaware of this future pursuit while they are in primary school.

A child who begins her preparation early would have an edge over her peers in terms of time that she can give to her preparation and the ease with which she can go about her preparation. In fact, this could make the whole experience of selecting the right college and course, then working towards gaining admission, an enjoyable and exciting experience.

Of course, it is not advisable to order your child to select which subject she would major in, while she is yet to reach her teens, but you could be leading her along baby-steps by exposing her to the concept of colleges, helping her understand their importance and gradually helping her accept college as a goal for her, which she can successfully conquer.

Some pointers for grooming young ones towards becoming college ready when the time comes:

Gradually adding college to the discussion

While classroom is for studies, teachers should look for opportunities to talk with students about colleges. The discussion needn't be about the nitty-gritty of college life, but instead, something simple such as about the college the teacher attended, her major and her reasons for pursuing it. Children need to be excited and have their interests piqued about colleges. The earlier this is done, the more fruitful, enjoyable and healthier will be the process of preparation for college admission.

Exposing kids to college opportunities

Too often pressures of time and competition lead youngsters to begin dreading the college admission process. The fact that college is a way

to greater opportunities in life gets entirely left out of their purview, thus leading to unnecessary resentment. To avoid such a situation, it is necessary that students be sufficiently informed and excited about the opportunities that the right college education can open up for them. Sufficiently motivated kid will be happy to bring forth the hard work needed to achieve their goals.

Explaining with example

While abstract concepts would be lost upon kids, it would be more effective to go for real life examples to elaborate the importance of college. Parents and teachers must pick up topics that capture children’s fancy, and use those to discuss how college helps in achieving ones dreams. For example, parents may talk about dinosaur bones, and explain how paleontologists who dig up these bones went to college to learn requisite skills. In this manner, a college degree can be made to seem cool, thanks to the awesome opportunities it can open up for them.

Take kids on campus visits

A guided tour of a lovely campus, with lush grass, grand looking buildings and classrooms buzzing with activity, while a college staff member talks about interesting opportunities available at campus, can help capture a kid's imagination. Later, there can be a discussion about what the child saw and heard at the campus and further discussion about what she liked the most over there and what activities she would like to pursue there in the future.

Kids would be much more open to your opinions at a tender age than during a phase of teenage rebellion or when they have their own opinions formed about the same. Help them dream since early-on and they will automatically bring forth the hard work required to pursue their college ambitions.