Developing your child’s cognitive abilities

Cognitive abilities are the basic mental abilities that we use in order to think, study and learn. These activities involve several mental processes used to analyze sounds and images, recall information from memory, make associations between different pieces of information and maintain concentration on particular tasks. Those with higher cognitive abilities usually learn and perform with greater ease.

Cognitive abilities show the maximum potential for increase during childhood. Thus, it is very important to introduce your child to cognitive development exercises at a tender age.

Following are some games that you may engage your child with, that would also act as cognitive development exercises to help sharpen her mind:

Noticing different colors

While shopping for fruits and vegetables, ask her to notice the colors of the various fruits. Use carrots, oranges, lettuce, etc to teach her begin perceiving different colors. You will find her perception of colors sharpen quicker because of this exercise.

Comparing sizes and shapes

Ask her to compare the difference in size and shape of various articles in her surroundings. You may use her play toys for this - for example - take a small playing bock and compare its size with that of a much larger one, etc.

Exercising memory

Jog her memory with little tests like asking her about her day or about people she met that day. Show her a tray with several little objects for a minute then hide it and ask her to recollect the objects. Such little tests are usually loved by kids, and their bonding with parents, besides sharpening their memory.

Bedtime stories

Reading to your child before they fall to sleep every night has tremendous benefits. This would help build several cognitive skills such as language, visualization, concepts like time, etc.

Singing along

Encourage your child to sing along with you. Rhymes can help your child develop her language skills. Additionally, it helps break inhibitions.

Drawing time

Regular drawing has a direct impact on children's motor skills while making them think about colors, shapes, identifying words with objects and exercising their memories. You could play little games with her such as making up a story and having her draw the scenes.

During these exercise, pay special attention to keeping things fun. Small, regular doses and a comfortable difficulty curve will ensure you child's continued interest in them.